Hood River County Democratic Central Committee (HRCDCC)

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Hood River County Democratic Central Committee (HRCDCC)

Post by Brian on Sun Feb 19, 2017 4:16 pm

The members of HRCDCC shall consist of the officers of this committee, the Precinct committeepersons (PCPs), and the elected and appointed Democratic officeholders of Hood River County.

Precinct Committee Persons

Precinct Committee Persons are the most grassroots-level building block of the Democratic Party of Oregon. They are an important driving force behind registering voters, getting out the word on candidates, and helping Democrats understand the party’s structure, process, and platform. They are the people who go out, walk neighborhoods, and connect with and activate progressive Oregonians, talking to independent, unaffiliated, and Democratic voters alike.

A Precinct Committeeperson is a representative of the Party in the precinct in which she or he resides. For every 500 registered voters in a precinct, there should be one precinct person of each gender. Each Precinct Committee Person is a member of the County Central Committee of the county party.

What are the PCP’s powers and responsibilities?

The precinct is the smallest political unit in the country. A precinct can not be divided by legislative, congressional or supervisor district. Most importantly, it is your neighborhood. You know the people, the schools and the community centers. You have your hand on the pulse of the precinct; you understand the problems and potentials and have a desire to improve your neighborhood.
In addition, PCP's attend State Central Committee Meetings, vote on official party business, elect county party leadership and Platform Convention delegates and, occasionally - even nominate replacement state legislators or state senators when they retire, or replacement Democratic nominees who withdraw after the primary!

‪How do I become a PCP?

PCP's can either be elected or appointed.
Starting in early March of an even-numbered election year, Oregon voters registered as Democrats for at least 180 days may file to be elected to fill PCP slots in the May primary election.
After the May primary elections, most Democratic county parties appoint registered Democrats to vacant PCP slots in their precinct or an adjacent precinct through mid-June of the next even-numbered election year.

What is the PCP term of office?

The PCP term of office is approximately two years, running from the date that the Oregon elections office has certified the May primary election results in one even-numbered election year (usually in June) until it has certified the same primary election results of the next even-numbered election year.

Precinct committeepersons shall be elected in the primary election in accordance with Oregon Law. In those precincts where a Precinct committeeperson or persons are not elected, or where vacancies may occur after a primary election, HRCDCC may fill vacancies. Selection shall be by majority vote of the duly elected and selected Precinct committeepersons only, either at the initial organizational meeting or any regular meeting thereafter. HRCDCC may elect precinct committee person(s) to a vacancy in the precinct they live in, or a vacancy in an adjacent precinct to the one they live in. An elected Precinct committeeperson who represents a precinct that is subsequently combined, consolidated or abolished
shall continue to be a member of HRCDCC until the next regular election for precinct office.

Standards of conduct. Under a democratic system, a HRCDCC Precinct committeeperson may privately support and vote for any candidate s/he chooses. Public behavior requires a committeeperson to behave under a different standard. No democratic Precinct committeeperson shall publicly support any person or group opposed to a candidate endorsed by HRCDCC.

Chairperson Duties:

  1. Call and preside at the organizational meeting, all regular meetings of HRCDCC and Executive Committee meetings.
  2. Conduct the business of regular meetings in accordance with the agenda.
  3. Be the primary spokesperson for the party. The Chairperson may designate other spokespersons. However, all published content must be approved by the Executive Committee or referred to HRCDCC for approval by majority vote.
  4. Abide by the rights, powers and duties conferred upon the office by Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS) Chapter 248 and Democratic Party of Oregon bylaws.
  5. Conduct all meetings by the Parliamentary Procedures of Robert’s Rules of Order, except where otherwise specified by these bylaws.
  6. Act as an ex-officio member of all standing or project committees.
  7. Be an authorized signer on all bank accounts.
  8. Be listed as a Correspondence Recipient designed to receive notices from the Secretary of State /Elections Division on form SEL223, filed by the HRCDCC Treasurer.
  9. Be a delegate to the State Central Committee (SCC).
  10. Ensure that HRCDCC obtains precinct listings from the County Clerk, notifies the Clerk of the dates of organizational meetings, and certifies the selection of Precinct committeepersons to the County Clerk.
  11. Notify the Democratic Party of Oregon (DPO) of newly elected officers and Delegates.
  12. Provide access to electronic information such as websites and voter files to the Secretary and other persons, as approved by the Executive Committee, and serve as a back up to the Secretary for maintenance of those sites and files.
  13. Develop HRCDCC agendas and meeting notifications in conjunction with the Executive Committee.
  14. Provide training and materials for each incoming Precinct committeepersons, such as a precinct map, a list of voters in their precincts, and a copy of these bylaws. These duties may be assigned to a task force or other persons at the pleasure of the Chair.

Vice-Chairperson Duties:

  1. Act or perform the duties of the Chairperson In the absence of HRCDCC Chairperson or in the event of the Chairperson’s inability to do so.
  2. Assist the Chairperson as required and, at the Chairperson’s discretion, also serve in other capacities.
  3. Be an authorized signer on all bank accounts.
  4. Be an Alternate Delegate to the State Central Committee.
  5. Serve as parliamentarian in HRCDCC and Executive Committee meetings. This includes assuring compliance to these bylaws.

Secretary Duties:

  1. Record minutes of the organizational and regular meetings of HRCDCC and the Executive Committee, including a record of all motions made and approved.
  2. File a copy of the regular meeting minutes as accepted, corrected, or amended in the Meeting Records Binder, which shall be available for reference at all regular meetings.
  3. Provide a copy of the organization meeting and regular meeting minutes to the Chairperson within 7 days for distribution to HRCDCC. Provide a copy of Executive Committee meeting minutes to Executive Committee members within 7 days, and, if requested, to HRCDCC members.
  4. Maintain a file of all HRCDCC meeting minutes and Executive Committee meeting minutes. Minutes may be distributed electronically.
  5. Maintain an up-to-date record of the membership, bylaws, and other HRCDCC records as may be requested by the Chairperson.
  6. Establish and maintain a list of the entire membership, including name, address, phone number, email address and office held.
  7. If directed by the Chairperson, provide a written/email notice of regular HRCDCC meetings to the membership not less than six days prior to the regular meeting, giving the date, time, place and any special actions to be taken, such as elections, amendments, and recalls.
  8. Chairpersons of any standing or project committees which may be created shall, if requested, email meeting notification to standing or project committee members as well as to the HRCDCC Chairperson, and provide the HRCDCC Secretary with meeting minutes for the record upon request.

Treasurer Duties:

  1. Be custodian of the funds of HRCDCC and execute the Treasurer’s duties in strict accordance with the latest version of the Campaign Finance Manual published by the Elections Division of the Secretary of State. These duties shall include maintaining a dedicated bank account in an Oregon financial institution for depositing contributions and making expenditures, signing all checks not signed by other individuals with signatory authority, filing and amending Statements of Organization on time, and filing accurate and timely contributions and expenditure transactions in ORESTAR not filed by an approved Alternate Transaction Filer unless meeting the requirements for and filing on time an annual Certificate of Limited Contributions and Expenditures. As stipulated in the section entitled “Retention of Records,” retain two years detailed records, documentation, receipts, bank statements, and correspondence.
  2. Issue checks only on authority of majority vote of the membership in attendance at any HRCDCC meeting for any amount; or upon Executive Committee approval for expenditures in the amount of $100 or less, unless otherwise stipulated in the bylaws.
  3. Submit a verbal and written financial report at each regular HRCDCC meeting, submit a written copy of the financial report to the Secretary, and file a copy in the Meeting Records Binder, which shall be available for reference at all regular meetings. Give a verbal financial update at Executive Committee meetings as requested.
  4. Have the checkbook available at regular meetings and Executive Committee meetings to reimburse members for approved personal expenditures on the condition that members have submitted detailed documentation by the time reimbursement checks are written.
  5. Be an authorized signer on all HRCDCC bank accounts. Checks made out to the Treasurer for personal expenditures shall be signed by a different authorized signer.
  6. See that the financial records are organized and open to any member of HRCDCC, if so requested by the Executive Committee.
  7. Provide an additional report as requested on the completion of each authorized project, including the final summation of the profit or loss resulting from the project.
  8. Participate with an appointed Budget/Finance Committee in developing an annual budget for HRCDCC. Track income and expenditures monthly in a year-to-date format.
  9. Have the books ready to audit at the end of the term of office or within 15 days after a request by the Executive Committee.


HRCDCC shall have the following Standing Committees:
1 Executive Committee shall consist of HRCDCC Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.
2 May meet prior to the next regularly scheduled HRCDCC meeting. A quorum shall consist of 2 members of the Committee.
2a Executive Committee members shall be notified of a meeting at least 1 day in advance.
3 Shall refer votes that result in a tie to HRCDCC membership for a vote.
4 Shall conduct all necessary business required between regular meetings of HRCDCC, participate in planning HRCDCC meetings, and coordinate the activities of project committees and task forces on behalf of HRCDCC.
5 Shall be empowered to spend up to $100 between regular HRCDCC meetings.
6 Shall require that the outgoing Treasurer submit a written financial report to Chairperson prior to the election of a new Treasurer.


1 Delegates and Alternate Delegates shall be elected to serve on the State Central Committees (SCC) and the Second Congressional District (CD2). All Delegates shall be registered Democrats and residents of Hood River County. Two Delegates and two Alternate Delegates shall be elected to the State Central Committee and two Delegates and two Alternate Delegates shall be elected to the Second Congressional District. Once a Delegate is elected, attendance at SCC meetings is required. When a Delegate is unable to attend, an Alternate Delegate may attend the meeting with full voting privileges. Three consecutive absences of a Delegate may result in removal and replacement of the Delegate by HRCDCC. Delegates and Alternate Delegates may resign by submitting a letter of resignation to the HRCDCC.
2 Delegates shall be elected by majority vote of HRCDCC members at the organizational meeting for a term of two years. Vacancies shall be filled for the remainder of the term at the next regular meeting. HRCDCC voting rules shall apply.
3 The HRCDCC Chairperson shall fill a SCC Delegate position and the HRCDCC Vice-Chairperson shall fill an Alternate SCC Delegate position. Delegates and Alternates elected to the remainder of SCC and CD2 positions shall be elected in accordance with gender balancing rules as required by DPO bylaws.
4 National Delegate and other Delegate positions assigned to Hood River County shall be selected at the time of assignment.
5 Delegate or Alternate Delegate posts that become vacant may be temporarily filled by the Chair, subject to confirmation by HRCDCC at its next meeting. Should confirmation be denied, nominations shall be accepted from the floor and an election conducted.
6 Standards of Conduct: Delegates and Alternate Delegates shall be held to the same standards of conduct as Precinct committeepersons.
7 Delegates to SCC and CD2 meetings shall report on the meeting at the next regular HRCDCC meeting, and shall, after submitting a request and documentation of expenditures, be reimbursed for out of pocket travel expenses up to a limit of $100. Approval for estimated expenditures related to attending the meeting must be obtained from the Executive Committee prior to incurring expenses.

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