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Where's Walden Alerts

Post by Brian on Fri Feb 24, 2017 2:47 pm

Congressman Greg Walden has made it difficult for his constituents in District 2 to meet with him face to face. When he does hold a town hall, there is often very little public notice and often only a day or two advance notice.

This forum will help people in his district get the word out for when Walden decides to show his face in Oregon. People can post a new topic here when they become aware of an event. People from other groups that have set up their CAN Forum profile to receive notifications of new posts to this forum will receive an alert and they can post in their Facebook group's page.

To receive notification for new posts to this or any forum go to that forums page and click on the in the lower right corner. You can control how you are notified by clicking on the Profile link at the top of any page and go to the Notification tab.

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