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Post by Brian on Sat Mar 04, 2017 2:33 pm

CAN Forum Guided Tour


While Facebook provides a platform to help people mobilize and make connections, it has some limitations, such as the
ability to keep a lot of the information easily accessible.

Community Action Network Forum was designed to be a gathering place to keep the information organized and easily
accessible. This can be used by all the thousands of groups that are forming across this country, combining their energy,
knowledge, and calls to action. It is NOT meant to be a substitute for Facebook, but to be used symbiotically with
Facebook. It also provides a way for people that don’t use Facebook, to connect with others working on similar issues.

This guide will take you through various sections of the CAN Forum. At each step you will see a post explaining that
section of the forum.

Step #1

The first stop will the in the Oregon Elections & Issues section where you will see the following four forums contained within.
  • State of Oregon Elections
  • State of Oregon Issues
  • State of Oregon Resources
  • State of Oregon Counties

Scroll down to the TOPICS section and click on CAN Forum Guided Tour Step-#2 to view the post, after clicking on the link below to begin.


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