How to Recruit Candidates to Run for Office

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How to Recruit Candidates to Run for Office Empty How to Recruit Candidates to Run for Office

Post by Brian on Sun Apr 16, 2017 1:51 pm

From Western Organization of Resource Councils
Community organizing is about building enough power to win tangible improvements in people’s lives and bring about a more just and sustainable society. There are three important components in bringing about change: good public policy, community organizing, and grassroots electoral campaigns.

The late U.S. Senator Paul Wellstone said:

“Electoral politics without community organizing is a politics without a base.  And community organizing without grassroots electoral politics is a marginal politics. And electoral politics and community organizing without good progressive policy is a politics without a head – without a goal.”
We agree. Community organizations can have the best public policy idea and the strongest grassroots organization and still lose their campaigns because the elected official in question is completely unwilling to make the right decision. In those instances, it is time to replace the elected official with someone more responsive to our concerns – hopefully someone that comes from our own ranks and is accountable to local citizens.

Our theory of social change also recognizes that community organizations do not become truly powerful unless they have built and exercise electoral power.  This means the ability to replace elected officials who routinely act against community interests. It also means the ability to get accountable community leaders elected to public office at all levels of government. Only then will we truly re-make society.

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