I Need a New Forum Added Instructions

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I Need a New Forum Added Instructions

Post by Brian on Sun Jan 29, 2017 4:02 pm

This forum is, and will always remain, a work in progress. Let us know where a new forum is needed by starting a new topic in this forum.

Please be specific. We need to know exactly where you need a new forum created.

One way to do this is to type the name of the Forum you need added to and the tree that gets you there.
For example, I need a forum titled "Resources" attached to the Douglas County forum that's in the Oregon Elections & Issues section.

An admin will add the forum and let you know that it's done.

29 Jan 2017: Because this forum is brand spanking new, there's a lot of structural work to be done. We are rolling out the forum in stages so we don't get totally overwhelmed. It may take some time to get to all the requests for forum additions while we create teams of admins and moderators and get them trained. Please be patient. But, if you feel that your request was overlooked, either bump it or PM an admin.

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