Walden Arlington Town Hall Feb 10, 2017

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Walden Arlington Town Hall Feb 10, 2017

Post by Brian on Sat Feb 11, 2017 10:13 am

Feb 19, 2017

From Katie Cook and Kathryn Greiner
Report from Arlington:
Probably 60 people. Several from Hood River-probably because there has been some concern about lack of Notifications about Town Halls and they were wanting to be heard - lots of comments/ discussions about the Affordable Care Act.
Kathryn Greiner and I both spoke up.
I said there were many Gilliam Citizens who were concerned that we have a president who has shown disrespect toward the judiciary branch, the congress, the press etc and what is Greg Walden going to do to make sure that our check and balance system stays in place.
He said 70% of his constituents voted for Trump. I said well, what are you going to do to represent those people who didn't vote for him?
Kathryn Greiner can fill you in on what she said. She spoke very well.

Regarding the investigation into Trump's tie with Russia, Walden was more direct than in Boardman.
He said that he is on some special investigative committee and that he cannot reveal classified information, but that Putin was clearly evil and that some type of investigation is being pursued..hmmm

Kathryn and I both received a lot of support for being big strong loud mouths
As a registered Republican I asked for Rep. Waldne to step up and represent us all. That Putin is evil - seems to be that all agreement with Rep. Walden mentioning it several times. I just figured that Katie and I are now labeled as "liberal hippies" from some of the locals - that doesn't sting either, but a lot of discussion from the Hood River contingency. I don't blame them for coming to Arlington when Rep. Walden didn't go to them.
Was the crowd mostly favorable toward him, or "hostile?"
The Gilliam County people were a bt "miffied" that Hood River and a woman from Phoenix, OR stated with questions. Skye Krebs was vocal and said he "has been abused by the federal government" which I find flawed as a Gilliam County landowner we have been treated very well by the federal government.
I would say a mix- not too rowdy a crowd, but definitely some emotion.
Yes there were people at this town hall who tried to undermine those who spoke up by trying to defend Walden. Also there are those who act like or subtlety say that the people they disagree with are being disrespectful.
Since we had reports from the Boardmand meeting as we are sitting at Arlington, it was good to try and pin down some of the more wishy-washy talk. Thanks Anne & Lea for texting us.  <<<<<[Group at first townhall texted group at 2nd town hall with questions unanswered Smile]

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